Faith Figures

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Make a post on social media and tag us so we can find you! Copy and Paste this as the caption:

Ex: I just applied for Lola Tomorrow’s Coming to the Stage Tour and I need your help! I think my industry would benefit from [insert your belief]... What [insert your industry] topics do you wish were discussed more? Drop your ideas in the comments! #IMUPNEXT2024

Be sure to use the hashtag #ComingtoTheStageTour2024 and TAG @lola_tomorrow. We’re looking for your post! (We want to hear from you & your audience before we make final selections)

A Gift From Lola!

Here’s an Exclusive gift from Lola:

Lola is giving you access to 5 Corporate Events who are looking to get you on Stage TODAY! Give Lola your number and she’ll text you the list now!

(Pro Tip: Faith without works is dead. Always prepare for your next! Look at the list to see what event planners are looking for- we’ll help you with the rest at the tour!)

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